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Welcome to Inter-Cultural Alternatives!

Inter-Cultural Alternatives, for me that means to develop different cultural and intercultural ways of living together.

Current issues of self-determination, health and ecology; problems and conflicts caused by processes of social change, migration, globalization can only be solved by a variety of options and the participation of all persons concerned. It’s essential to develop sustainable solutions, intercultural encounters, a pluralism of perspectives, and alternative scopes of action.

Thus I am interested in creating spaces for "Encounters" - to promote an intercultural and interdisciplinary polylogue (Bachtin). This is the basis for a creative process of developing prospects for alternative ways of living.

The decisive question is – in slight modification of a title of Roland Barthes:

                               How to live (together)?


My working activities include:


    Organization and coordination of

    - encounters,

    - intercultural and interdisciplinary projects,

    - conferences and events



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